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The adventures of getting Thomas to his two week Pediatrician appointment

So yeah, today was Thomas’ two week appointment.  We all overslept.  The fact that we were late, didn’t stop Thomas from looking cute in only his diaper post breakfast.


The fun just kept on coming. While Danielle was getting ready to venture into the outside world, I was attempting to dress Thomas. His cute outfit (with long sleeves as it’s pretty cold today) was out and ready to go. His diaper was pretty wet, so I thought I was safe. I was so very, very wrong. Diaper undone, I was rinsing out a wipe when I though “self, you’re getting wet”. There’s Thomas, having a grand old time, peeing right past the edge of the now undone diaper onto himself, my fresh shirt, his fresh shirt, the changing pad cover, his chest, my face … This boy had to go!

So, clean clothes for the boy, fresh shirt for me, I get him cleaned up, fresh diaper, new shirt and I’m walking him around the house a bit and realize that somehow when I re-diapered him, things were pointing, um, in the wrong direction. He’s starts to cry. and we’re both soaked – again!

We are now officially late.

Well, we eventually got out the door and to the appointment. Today we met with the Nurse Practitioner, since our Doc had no availability. In short, all was well. The little porker is up to 8 lbs and 15 ounces. So he’s kicked the butt of his birthweight and is forging ahead. Way to go Thomas! Hooray for Mom’s goodness. :)

On the way home, Danielle spotted a sushi place. We did a few laps of the neighborhood, found a spot and went for it. Thomas made a few peeps, but a quick trip around the block was enough to calm him down each time.  I’m not sure if the sushi was even all that good, but we loved it!

Danielle has her first sushi in like a year!

Finally, here’s a pic of Thumbs who apparently couldn’t wait for me to finish the rocking chair and decided to sit IN the chair.

Thumbs sits in the chair.