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This just in: Inside baby rains on midwife visit parade!

Visiting the doc/midwife twice a week is a lot of trips to the doc/midwife.  It feels like we are always either coming or going to an appointment.  I think this might be what parenthood is like … hmm.

Since traffic is at best unpredictable, and at worst positively maddening, we decided to leave nice and early for our 9:15am appointment so we could get some breakfast before the appointment.  On our way out on Thursday, we asked the folks at the front desk if they had any good breakfast places to recommend.  We were hoping for the inside scoop.  What we got was Burger King, Au Bon Pain, and Starbucks.  Um, thanks for the effort.  Amazingly, our internet worked for about 5 minutes this am.  During that time I hit Yelp and found Francesca’s Espresso Bar.  The good reviews were right on.  Great egg and cheese sandwiches.  But those weren’t the reason we went there.

Danielle dosed herself (and the little one) with some coffee and a cinnamon bun (very, very yummy I might add).  The drugs worked and during the non-stress test, the little one gave some great kicks, rolls, and general movements.  So great that at times the monitor has to be adjusted as baby had moved so much that the system couldn’t find him or her anymore.  Good job baby!  We also saw our first contraction on the fetal monitor.  Good job uterus!

And Danielle’s blood pressure was back in the great range – 124 over 70. Good job heart!   All this relaxing is apparently doing wonders.  Oh, and she’s not really relaxing that much.  I don’t think she’s good at it …

Ok, so it can’t all be good news.  The bad news was Danielle’s cervix is in no better condition for releasing the little one than it was last Thursday.  Bad job cervix!

Hmm, not much else to report.  Danielle’s home and I’m at work.  We’re out of Netflix movies, there is pretty much nothing on the 1,000 channels we pay for, our internet is still out, and the baby is still in. 

Back from visiting with the Midwife

That was a LONG visit.  Since Danielle had the high blood pressure last Thursday, they have been extra careful.  We’re paying extra close attention to the little one’s movements, and as mentioned before, Danielle’s going out of her mind on bed rest.  Thankfully Danielle’s heart rate was even lower today that Monday.  Today it was 120 over 80, which is still a good bit higher then it was three weeks ago, but is safely out of the danger zone and apparently pretty good for a full term Mom.  

Then they hooked Danielle up to the baby-monitor thing to watch the baby’s heart rate and track any contractions (there were none – darn).  Anyway, all looked good there, except they baby was a big sleeper after all the dancing it was doing in the waiting room where we were waiting for the fifteen or so minutes we were all waiting past when the appointment was supposed to start.  This part kinda stunk for Danielle as it required her to lie on her side for way longer than is comfortable as the little one had gone right into slowdown / sleep mode after all the excitement of getting to the doc’s.  Danielle was experiencing some serious hip and rib (notably, the first rib pain of the pregnancy) by the time they took the pink and blue straps off 35 minutes later.  And of course, once it was off, the baby perked right up.  Little smart alec.  I think we’re in trouble … :)

Danielle and the little one on the monitor.

They did a few more test that I won’t go into <cringe> … all were good, but the kid is not out, or all that close yet, not good.  Closer than Monday though.  We have another ultrasound tomorrow to check on the fluid levels.  

It’s very hard to keep focussed on my Harvard work (of which there is no shortage) and all the other stuff I have up in the air right now with Danielle so uncomfortable and the baby’s lease pretty much up.  It’s time for a moving party.  I’ll bring the BBQ.

So yesterday was Mother’s Day

And the baby to be named later (BTBNL) didn’t show up.  Maybe today.  We have an appointment with a Midwife (not ours, who’s off on Mondays) later this morning to check Danielle’s BP (which was super low until last week).  Today would be a good day to have the baby, as our OB is on all day and it would be cool to have her deliver BTBNL.  We like her.