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Ok, so now the baby is officially late.  How late is the question.   The waiting part is pretty weird – and at times rather boring.  We’re getting tons of stuff done.  The house is in pretty good shape.  We’re almost done doing all our bedding (in case we have to go away for a few days, we’ll come home to a clean bed …).  Batteries are charged, bags still packed and Danielle is ready.

Danielle’s been doing lots of reading and a lot of TV watching.  Sometime this past week she saw a recipe for mini quiches.  So that’s what we had this am.

The layers were: puff pastry, crispy bacon, fresh spinach, diced red onion and jalapeno (only in the middle two, but we should have put them in each), shredded gruyere, with the egg mixture poared in (two whole eggs, two yokes, cream, thyme, salt, pepper).  25 or so minutes at 400 gave us these: 

Mini quiche action!

We promptly housed all six.  Big props to our upstairs neighbors, Cooky and Lorna for lending us the pop-over pan.

Back to work for the Dad to be

I was really hoping that our new family member would be out of his or her temporary housing by now and officially moved in to our place or at least hanging at the hospital.  No such luck yet.  Danielle is getting pretty bored at home with this whole bed rest thing.  Might have to switch the NetFlix to 4 movies per month for a while …