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The waiting game V 2.0

Today might be the day that Thomas’ new brother becomes an outside baby. We’re patiently (not really) waiting for Danielle’s body and the boy to settle on a date / time. The official date is October 2, but things seem to be progressing a bit faster than last time. Speaking of which, I should probably pack a bag for the hospital and figure out what we’re going to do with Thomas while this whole birth thing is going down …


In about 75 minutes thomas will be three. Our crazy “big kid” is officially no longer a toddler (not that we expect that to stop him from running headlong into at least one wall, corner, table, or counter per day.)

Later today we’ll have his first real birthday. Yeah, while other parents were celebrating 1 and 2, we happily relaxed until he had an idea what was going on. He now knows all about birthday parties.

He’ll be around 3 and a half when his baby brother is born.

Two years ago right now

Thomas Joseph was finally becoming an outside baby. I can’t believe it’s already been two years. When old people tell you “it goes so fast”, they are NOT lying.

I can’t believe how different my life is today, than it was before Thomas. How selfish I was. How clueless I was. How little I understood about what is truly important.

Two years ago, we didn’t know if he was a boy or a girl. We hadn’t named him. We didn’t have trains all over our floors, and matchboxes on our couch, and a high chair at our table.

Two years ago I thought I knew what love was. I was so very wrong. Nothing prepared me for his curls, his soaking wet thumb, his unprompted “Daddy, I love you”s, and the perfection of your own little (or not so little, as the case may be) everything draped in your arms, exhausted from a hard day of playing, and learning, and laughing, and screaming.

Happy birthday Thomas Joseph. I hope I’m able to teach you half as much as you’ve taught me.

I love you buddy.

When all else fails, I’ve probably updated

So yeah, I’ve been crazy busy over the last couple of months with work, and the blog has suffered. Sorry about that.

So much has changed with Thomas, it’s crazy. So how about some of the highlights.

Ten Months old – Last Sunday Thomas turned 10 months old. Yaaah Thomas!

Walking – Woah, woah, relax! He’s not walking! Well, not yet. He is trying desperately though. Whatever is Thomas-height (12 – 24 inches) and is grip-able has been recruited into his quest.

Teeth – Thomas now has seven (three in the last week). He’s quickly working on a full mouth! He’s quite a biter – please keep all fingers away from his chompers!

Although the rate of hard drive filling has slowed, we’re still taking tons of pictures of the boy.

One of Thomas’ favorite things to do is empty his bookshelf. He’s quite good at it now.  I love his brown, fleece overalls!

A busy day already and it’s not even noon!

We just did the Birth Certificate stuff.  I had to confirm all the spellings – even with most of the tough words being my own name, it was still a bit hard.  Don’t want to screw that one up!

We also got his SS # rolling so he can have his identity stolen post haste…

He’s presently off getting his hearing tested.  Hopefully all will be well there.  Danielle’s hearing’s not great, and my Mom has  bum ear.  Man, three hard of hearing folks (or selective hearing as I like to say) would be hard to handle!.

Update: he passed his hearing tests with flying colors!

Thomas meets his Boston Grandparents and has some Chinese food

This evening was long and at times pretty junky.

First, the good part – my parents came by to meet their first grandkid and get some takeout Chinese (from Golden Temple in Brookline – yum).  Thomas was super cute and worked the room like an old pro, not a 17 hour Outside Baby.

Thomas meets Grandma Carol (still not sure on this name, grandparents names are hard!)

Thomas meets Grandma Carol

Later, we pretty much had to pull him out of her hands to let him meet his Pop Pop.  After a few hardy yells, Thomas welcomed his grandfather by sticking his tongue out at him.  Great people skills already!

Thomas meets Pop Pop

The dinner was yummy (and organic and non-MSG laden) and huge, so we have tons of leftovers for today.   Yeah for Mom and Dad!

Once my parents left, the second part got underway.  That part was rough.  Thomas was up most of the night.  Did some record setting crying for a 1 day old and may have damaged my ear drums.  He wasn’t really receptive to the normal calming rocking, low talking, and caressing.  That was unfun.  Again, Danielle rocked.  I got two stretches of sleep, one that was over 3 hours long.  Danielle did not.  She was lucky to get an hour at a time.  :(  I blame the pull out bed that I have.  It is the creakiest, loudest thing ever.  Thomas is not a fan.

Danielle and Thomas are presently sleeping.  Danielle’s parents just got in from Cleveland.  They’re at our house in Dorchester and will come out a bit later, once Danielle and Thomas have caught up on some sleep.  Big props to Cooky, our awesome upstairs neighbah who let them in, when the keys that we left for them fell from the place we left them, into a decidedly more gross place …