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Thomas professes his love

Wow, it’s 2010 and Thomas is talking up a storm! He’s entered the almost constant repetition stage. It’s both hilarious and frightening. But, what’s more hilarious are the things he comes up with to say on his own. Like this recent exchange.

Thomas was in the crib and Danielle was in his room picking out a cute outfit for his day. It’s common for him to call out to who ever isn’t with him.

Thomas “Dada!”

Danielle “Dada’s cooking.”

Thomas “Cookies?!”

Danielle “No, cooking.”

Thomas “Pizza … I love pizza!”

There you have it. Thomas’ first profession of love – for pizza. He is so our kid!

Wait, what did he say?

Ok, so this is an old story, as in from September or so. As soon as it happened I recall thinking “self, this best make it to the blog!” Ok, better late then never.

As generally under-slept parents, there’s a gift we can give every day to each other. Well, we can’t give it to each other on the same day … That gift is getting Thomas and doing his morning bottle, Curious George / Thomas the Tank Engine routine.

Well, on this day, I got up first so Danielle could have a break and sneak in an hour or so more of sleep. I walked into Thomas’ room and hit the lights. He was wide awake, sitting in his crib, smiling and chattering away. As I got closer, his arm shot out of his crib and he pointed right at my … well … parts and started to yell “balls, balls, balls!”

I was floored. Where had he learned that word for, well, that? I couldn’t recall every using it, but well, I couldn’t be 100% sure. He was picking up words at an alarming rate and often repeating them long after he’d heard them. Could I have somehow said that when changing his diaper? Oh man, potty mouth 16 month old. How quaint …

Running startup is hard. You’re often faced with challenges that just aren’t a Google search away or even if they are, can you really trust what you find on Google to deal with the complex challenges of running a business that you’re family and those working for you are relying on?

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned about running our company is when a problem seems complex, or just plain hard to wrap your brain around, looks for a more simple solution – the whole K.I.S.S principle.

So as Thomas was yelling “balls”, I took a look down in the general direction of his pointing. To my relief, I discovered that I was wearing a pair of soccer ball patterned boxers.

One year ago today

Danielle and I were at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston and Thomas was still an inside baby.  A year ago right now, we didn’t know he was a he.  We didn’t know that the next 5.5 hours of Danielle’s life was going to be very, very unfun.  We didn’t know what not sleeping was or what a blessinga baby who sleeps is.  We didn’t know much.

Today his an outside baby who walks and kinda talks (he’s saying far more than I can understand).  Today he has this amazing personality, infectious laughter, and the most beautiful gap-toothed smile I could ever imagine.  Today he teaches us things everyday and we try hard to return the favor.

Today we know that nothing can be left anywhere in site that we don’t want Thomas to eat and then drop and then probably eat again.   Today we know that Cheerios and Goldfish are totally normal accesory for the young parent’s home (couch, floor).   Today we know that watching your son walking, then dropping to all fours, then eathing something off the floor is ok, be that item a Cheerio, a Goldfish, or a cat food kibble – all of which have been out of their delivery bag for an unknown quantity of time.   For the record, Thomas has consumed at least one of these off the floor during the past week.

When you’re about to be a parent, as we were on year ago today, you’re told things like “for the first time, you love more than yourself” and “you’ll finally understand all that your parents did/do for you” so often you’ll want to just tell the world “seriously, you can save your breath, we get it, we get it, we know, we know!”.

Well, I thought I knew.  And I think I did know intellectually.  But really, I was clueless.  I didn’t know how much it would suck to get up at 4am cause he’s screaming and you have condomates who didn’t sign up for this level of cacophony.  I didn’t knwo how looking at his tear soaked cheeks, feeling the rapid gasping  rise and fall of his little boney chest as it frustratingly tries to power those cries, and just holding him, just holding him would always cut through my selfish desire to be comfortably asleep.  I didn’t know that that was the love that people try to tell you about.  Loving this little beast, this blessing, the gift from God and realizing that you’re more wrapped up in him that you ever could even imagine being wrapped up in anything.  Last year we didn’t know that love.  Thanks to Thomas we now do.

Happy day before your birthday little buddy.  I love you more than you’ll ever understand.   Well, maybe not ever …

Thomas’ early morning wake-up routine

Hello? Is this thing on? Sorry for the radio silence. I’ve been a little short on time for the last month or so and have been working to spend any and all spare time with Thomas, so the blog has suffered.

Anyway, it’s late, I’m coding, and Thomas and Danielle should be sleeping, but they are not. I don’t know what it is that causes Thomas to wake up some nights, but he was just awakened and was crying rather loudly. It wasn’t a real cry though, more of a “hey, I’m in hear. Love me!” kinda of cry. Well, Danielle went in there (she usually does) and it’s hilarious to hear the transition in his cry to an almost giddy laughter that his Mom is there to save him from whatever it was that awoke him.

And in the time it took me to write that (about two minutes), Danielle is back out, and Thomas is back asleep. Mom’s are amazing.

A new category: thing to remember

I can’t tell you how often I think to myself “self, you should so put this on the blog” and then I promptly don’t.  Ever.  So now, in an effort to do that, I’ve just added a new category (they are the links to the right): thing to remember.  Here’s the first one.

I’ve been home sick for the last couple of days, so I was here yesterday while Danielle was home with Thomas.  Right after I heard her go in to get him after his afternoon nap, she called for me to come in.  “Hurry” she said.  So I did.  What I found was Danielle staring down at Thomas who was sitting in his crib – somewhat confused that he wasn’t being picked up.  Right in front of him – in his crib (!) was a used diaper.  It took a second for me to figure out where it had come from … “self, did he take off his diaper?”, and then it dawned on me, he had taken it out of the trash, and then slept with it. Guess it’s time to move the diaper pale.