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Sterilize Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self

We’re trying some new pacifiers today (for Miles, not Danielle or me, though sometimes I wonder if they’d help …).

At the store, there was some talk of whipping one out and popping it in his craw. I almost said yes until I saw that they, like everything (including the fancy top-o-the-line iPhone with which I’m creating this here blog post), had made the long trip from a Chinese factory to us. So, we decided to hold off.

I wonder where things will be made when Miles is a grown up.


Dirty Birdy

Miles managed to puke all over himself yesterday. So we figured it was time to actually give him a bath.

See that clock in the backgroud? Yeah, it was nearly 10pm and Thomas was still with us. Good times!

What’s your hot water heater broken? I’m naked here, how about a little heat?!

I can’t place it, but I remember being in a nice warm bath before …

If only I weren’t so nearsighted, this right hook would have totally dropped my Dad. He has a glass chin and it’s his fault I’m in this cold water at 10pm.

I propose we rethink this bath thing …



Wait, I thought the next picture was supposed to be the silly one!

Ain’t no party like a Miles pary!

Sunday was Mile’s first full day at home. He spent most of it sleeping. Then he met his Grandmommy and Pop Pop and watched us all eat BBQ. He was fine with that though, as boob > BBQ any day of the week.

Thomas gives Miles laughter lessons.

Miles, meet you Grandmommy and Pop Pop.

Miles is unimpressed by Grandmommy’s bling.

Thomas shows off his sweet new Pats shirt.

Pics from Miles last day in the hospital.

On Saturday afternoon we brought Miles home from the hospital.

Wait, you want to leave Mt. Auburn Hospital? Are you crazy? I love this place!

The guys have a nice laugh about farts.

No one can fight the power of Miles’ kissable head. No one.

Did we mention that the food at Mt. Auburn was actually really good?

If we stuff this in here, will he be quiet?

On the road again …

Home is boring!

Phew, I caught it!

You know you want to. You’re weak! You can’t fight it! Come on, give me a kiss!

The rest of the pics can be seen here:


I meant to post this last week also, but well, yeah, I’m not great at getting to non work things that involve computers.  Anyway, I worked at home last January 13th.  Danielle put Thomas down for his nap and he was unusually cry-y and took a while to finally pass out.  Anyway, two + hours later he awoke and Danielle went in to greet him.  I was way up at the front of our place but had no problem hearing her calling for me.  Sounding very worried.

So I jogged back to his room to find her holding a confused, cute, and very bloody Thomas.  It seems he’d had his first bloody nose and proceeded to rub face and then pass out.  What you see here is the aftermath.  Please don’t call DSS.

Thomas’ 15 Month Checkup

Just back from the little guy’s 15 month visit to the pediatrician.  All is well.  He’s right on track on pretty much everything.  But seriously, does anyone care about anything other than the numbers?

So here they are.  He weighed in at 28.2lbs (standing on the scale on his own!) and was 33.25 inches tall.  I don’t quite buy the height, but close enough.

He also go two more immunizations.  The nurse was LYING on his legs and still having a hard time holding him down.  He is one strong little boy!

I need to get back to work, but here is a list of this morning’s words: truck, bird, bumpy, puppy, cars, wheels, and people.  He has a ton more (we really should make a list), but that’ll have to do for now.  Ok, back to work for me.

There are TONS of pics up on the  But here’s a recent one in some (Calvin Klein!) PJ’s from his Grandma Janice.