Miles is Massive!

So Danielle took Mile and Big T to the doc yesterday. Miles has be refluxing just like Thomas used to. The poor boy has been crying his eyes out and been more or less inconsolable at times. With Thomas, we were dead set against medication our kid. That lasted until he was 4 months old. It sucked. We’re not making the same mistake this time!

So the doc prescribed Zantac for our little dude. He gets 0.7mL twice a day. He absolutely HATES the taste.

Parenting tip: have a boob at the ready when medicating your newborn!

So the doc weighed our little dude. He came in at 11lbs 11oz. Or, put another way… Huge! He then took a massive poo and the re-weighed him. 11lbs 9 oz!

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