The Due Date

Well, we’re 13 hours and 49 mnutes into the due date and there’s no sign of any action.  Looking like this kid will take after his or her parents and be late for everything, starting with birth.  Sweet!  Also, the Sox are back in down, since our Hospital is a mile or so down the road from Fenway Park, we need to pay special attention to the Sox games.  Though tonight all eyes will be on the Cavs and Celts.

This morning we had an insanely long visit to the ultrasound place by my work.  Yesterday Mary the Midwife said there was borderline low amniotic fluid in there and wanted us to get a BPP test (BioPysical Profile) of the baby.  Hence this am’s appointment.  A BPP is a test to see how the baby’s doing muscle tone and movement wise (ours was NOT awake yet and took a lot of prodding before pushing back), breathing wise (all good), heart-wise (pumpin’ away), and amniotic fluid wise (again, all good for this late in the term – though there’s not a lot of room in there).  The office was running way behind schedule and after our wait of over 30 minutes, had us in there for another hour more.  The uncooperative, sleepy baby did not help.  But in the end, they saw some good, fast, strong movements and sent us home.

They also gave us their latest weight estimate – or guestimate.  Last Friday am it was a hair over 3,000g.  Today it was 3,700 – or 129 ounces – or a bit over 8lbs).  That’s more like it.  Crazy thing is, we thought there was a crazy growth spurt going on, as the shape of Danielle’s belly has changed substantially.   

So that was this am.  I’m now spending the rest of the day at home.  I have a ton to do that I’ll get to once our tuna melts are done (and in our bellies).  Mmm tuna melt …

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