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Back from visiting with the Midwife

That was a LONG visit.  Since Danielle had the high blood pressure last Thursday, they have been extra careful.  We’re paying extra close attention to the little one’s movements, and as mentioned before, Danielle’s going out of her mind on bed rest.  Thankfully Danielle’s heart rate was even lower today that Monday.  Today it was 120 over 80, which is still a good bit higher then it was three weeks ago, but is safely out of the danger zone and apparently pretty good for a full term Mom.  

Then they hooked Danielle up to the baby-monitor thing to watch the baby’s heart rate and track any contractions (there were none – darn).  Anyway, all looked good there, except they baby was a big sleeper after all the dancing it was doing in the waiting room where we were waiting for the fifteen or so minutes we were all waiting past when the appointment was supposed to start.  This part kinda stunk for Danielle as it required her to lie on her side for way longer than is comfortable as the little one had gone right into slowdown / sleep mode after all the excitement of getting to the doc’s.  Danielle was experiencing some serious hip and rib (notably, the first rib pain of the pregnancy) by the time they took the pink and blue straps off 35 minutes later.  And of course, once it was off, the baby perked right up.  Little smart alec.  I think we’re in trouble … :)

Danielle and the little one on the monitor.

They did a few more test that I won’t go into <cringe> … all were good, but the kid is not out, or all that close yet, not good.  Closer than Monday though.  We have another ultrasound tomorrow to check on the fluid levels.  

It’s very hard to keep focussed on my Harvard work (of which there is no shortage) and all the other stuff I have up in the air right now with Danielle so uncomfortable and the baby’s lease pretty much up.  It’s time for a moving party.  I’ll bring the BBQ.

Further prep

Man o man is that baby growing.  Any concern we had last week when the ultrasound nurse said their estimate was a little of 3,000g (for the math haters out there, that’s around 104ounces or 6lbs 9oz or 0.47 stone – ok, I admit looked that one up, but I did the others in my head while in the ultrasound room) that we had a little baby are gone.  We looked at each other and were all “this is weird, we were not small, are not small, how can our baby be small?”  Well, there is not doubt, that as we approach the official due date (tomorrow, May 16th), this baby is NOT small.  The change is Danielle’s belly shape over this last week has been substantial.  It looks way more like an alien that can’t quite fit in there, than the amorphous blob it used to look like.  Oh, and by “alien” I mean, sweet, sweet baby.

So yeah, the phone list (short, just immediate family), txt list which is also short, we have surprisingly few friends who txt a lot and don’t have iPhones or Crackberries on which they’ll receive “tell folks we had a baby” option three –  the email list are all done.  The email list is long, locked and loaded.  The camera is charged up and ready for the thousands of shots I’ll likely take when I’m not 1. coaching, 2. dumbly reminding Danielle to breath, or 3. standing in awe with tears in my eyes (I’m a super softy). Oh, and the card reader and laptop are ready to immediately get said pics up on the intertron.  Here’s hoping the wireless at Beth Israel is fast…

My bag is packed also.  Pretty much all that matters is an assortment of breath mints and tooth and mouth care tools.  Apparently a partner with bad breath is NOT a good thing when you’re pushing out a baby.  Everyone who didn’t know that, you’ve been told.  Write this down, it’s important.  This will be on the final exam.

Today we have another appointment at the OB’s office.  This time with Mary, our usual midwife.  We’ll report back after that.

Outgrowing the temporary housing?

So the little one has been pretty chill of late, just slow rolling, moving around, a kick, or a but thrust here or there.  It would see that he or she might be outgrowing the confines of the temporary housing.  Hopefully this means he or she will be joining us soon.  Danielle is not cut out for bed rest – ie: not doing stuff all the time.  She’s watched pretty much everything on the Tivo (that is really saying something), the last of our three NetFlix DVDs will fall today (Hitchcock’s Dial M for Murder), she’s pretty much all packed, has done her part of the call/txt/email list, and is churning through baby books like they are going out of style.

I on the other hand have not packed, have barely made a dent on my latest baby book (The Baby Wisperer – good so far), have not even opened the Excel spreadsheet she sent me with the call/txt/email list, and haven’t watched anything without the laptop on my lap in months – except The Orphanage, as that was a “reading movie”.   Awesome by the way.  And there are a ton of things up in the air at work that I’m not getting to as I’m updating this … good times!

Oh, and Danielle couldn’t even sleep-in today as Verizon is jackhammering outside of our place.  Unfortunately, I am sure they are NOT bringing FIOS to our neighborhood (we have poor people here, Verizon doesn’t like poor people).

Back to work for the Dad to be

I was really hoping that our new family member would be out of his or her temporary housing by now and officially moved in to our place or at least hanging at the hospital.  No such luck yet.  Danielle is getting pretty bored at home with this whole bed rest thing.  Might have to switch the NetFlix to 4 movies per month for a while …

Another Midwife visit

After we had a bit of a scare last week (Danielle’s weekly visit’s pee test came back positive for protein and her BP was a bit high).  The OB put Danielle on bed rest and set her home.  She also upped our visit frequency to twice a week, once early, and once late each week.  This morning we had our early week visit.  Pauline the midwife took Danielle’s BP (which was a good bit lower from last week), and then gave Danielle a long non-stress test (baby heart rate monitor wrapped around her belly, as well as another monitor to monitor contractions.  Anyway, all looked good with C/TJ (though the little one was definitely sleeping for much of the beginning of the test.  Oh, and the pee test was all good.  So, all is good.  And now back to our regularly scheduled waiting.

So yesterday was Mother’s Day

And the baby to be named later (BTBNL) didn’t show up.  Maybe today.  We have an appointment with a Midwife (not ours, who’s off on Mondays) later this morning to check Danielle’s BP (which was super low until last week).  Today would be a good day to have the baby, as our OB is on all day and it would be cool to have her deliver BTBNL.  We like her.

I have a lot of hobbies

So yeah, I have a lot of hobbies.  I am always working on at least one major side project.  I have my job where I code all day – or at least am supposed to.  Much of the day is spent in meetings, fixing old code, refilling the water thing for the espresso machine, or thinking about coding, major side projects or whatever.  Oh, and I take a lot of pictures.  A real lot.  At last count, somewhere around 50K since getting really into it in 2004.  Yeah, that’s a lot of hard drive space.

But this blog is about none of that.  It’s about a new hobby of sorts, or favorite thing, or blessing, or all of the above.  Danielle is close to having our first.  And this blog is all about that.  Yeah!