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Danielle’s feeling different … “not good” … pressure.  Maybe today is the day. I’ve had these eviction papers written up for a week, hopefully we’ll can get them served in person right quick.

Come on Inside Baby.  You’re tardiness has caused you to miss: 1. John Lester pitching an awesome no-hitter. 2. … Hmm, I can’t think of any other really good things that have happened lately.  Maybe you are on to something with this staying inside thing.

Dear readers here’s how you can do your part – say a prayer for Danielle and the Baby To Be Named Later that today will be the day and the delivery will be safe, fast, and as comfortable for all involved as possible.

Ok, I gotta get breakfast going.  Danielle’s going to hopefully need her strength!

An open letter to Inside Baby

Dear Inside Baby,

Please come out.  We’re impatiently waiting and this whole nothing new thing is not as fun as a cooing, crying, pooping, eating, sleeping, super cute Outside Baby.

Tom & Danielle

This just in: Inside baby rains on midwife visit parade!

Visiting the doc/midwife twice a week is a lot of trips to the doc/midwife.  It feels like we are always either coming or going to an appointment.  I think this might be what parenthood is like … hmm.

Since traffic is at best unpredictable, and at worst positively maddening, we decided to leave nice and early for our 9:15am appointment so we could get some breakfast before the appointment.  On our way out on Thursday, we asked the folks at the front desk if they had any good breakfast places to recommend.  We were hoping for the inside scoop.  What we got was Burger King, Au Bon Pain, and Starbucks.  Um, thanks for the effort.  Amazingly, our internet worked for about 5 minutes this am.  During that time I hit Yelp and found Francesca’s Espresso Bar.  The good reviews were right on.  Great egg and cheese sandwiches.  But those weren’t the reason we went there.

Danielle dosed herself (and the little one) with some coffee and a cinnamon bun (very, very yummy I might add).  The drugs worked and during the non-stress test, the little one gave some great kicks, rolls, and general movements.  So great that at times the monitor has to be adjusted as baby had moved so much that the system couldn’t find him or her anymore.  Good job baby!  We also saw our first contraction on the fetal monitor.  Good job uterus!

And Danielle’s blood pressure was back in the great range – 124 over 70. Good job heart!   All this relaxing is apparently doing wonders.  Oh, and she’s not really relaxing that much.  I don’t think she’s good at it …

Ok, so it can’t all be good news.  The bad news was Danielle’s cervix is in no better condition for releasing the little one than it was last Thursday.  Bad job cervix!

Hmm, not much else to report.  Danielle’s home and I’m at work.  We’re out of Netflix movies, there is pretty much nothing on the 1,000 channels we pay for, our internet is still out, and the baby is still in. 

It’s Comcastic!

Sorry for the radio silence today. Nothing good to report, except that we had a nice, although baby-less day. I’ll start with last night. It was a night just like tonight. Ten years ago … Oops, that’s Large Marge’s story, not ours.

Last night we went out to see Baby Mama. It wasn’t amazing, but was a nice way to pass the evening. Then we went out for some Mexican (get it? Spicy food!) yeah, it didn’t work.

So this am we went for a nice long walk. Yeah, Danielle’s on bed rest; but we gotta get this party started folks! Anyway, it was awesome to be out on such a lovely morning. But still no outside baby. Don’t get me wrong, I love our inside baby. I just want to meet him or her on the outside.

So we did a bunch of house stuff (did you clean any of YOUR house’s siding today? We did some of ours!), watched the Cavs / Celts game (sorry Clevelanders!), did more house stuff and STILL no baby. Another Netflix later and the day is over. Maybe our little one will join us on 5/19. Incidentally 5/19 is Danielle’s parents anniversary and a both numbers are primes (not 2008 though, can’t win ‘em all). We have another midwife appointment at 9:15 tomorrow am. We’ll update the blog after that.

Oh, so about that radio silence. Our darn cable internet went out this morning for the umpteenth time this year. Comcast is great at upping our rates, but haven’t yet figured out how to deliver what we pay for. At least my iPhone still works. Btw: this update came from it. ;)


Ok, so now the baby is officially late.  How late is the question.   The waiting part is pretty weird – and at times rather boring.  We’re getting tons of stuff done.  The house is in pretty good shape.  We’re almost done doing all our bedding (in case we have to go away for a few days, we’ll come home to a clean bed …).  Batteries are charged, bags still packed and Danielle is ready.

Danielle’s been doing lots of reading and a lot of TV watching.  Sometime this past week she saw a recipe for mini quiches.  So that’s what we had this am.

The layers were: puff pastry, crispy bacon, fresh spinach, diced red onion and jalapeno (only in the middle two, but we should have put them in each), shredded gruyere, with the egg mixture poared in (two whole eggs, two yokes, cream, thyme, salt, pepper).  25 or so minutes at 400 gave us these: 

Mini quiche action!

We promptly housed all six.  Big props to our upstairs neighbors, Cooky and Lorna for lending us the pop-over pan.

The Due Date

Well, we’re 13 hours and 49 mnutes into the due date and there’s no sign of any action.  Looking like this kid will take after his or her parents and be late for everything, starting with birth.  Sweet!  Also, the Sox are back in down, since our Hospital is a mile or so down the road from Fenway Park, we need to pay special attention to the Sox games.  Though tonight all eyes will be on the Cavs and Celts.

This morning we had an insanely long visit to the ultrasound place by my work.  Yesterday Mary the Midwife said there was borderline low amniotic fluid in there and wanted us to get a BPP test (BioPysical Profile) of the baby.  Hence this am’s appointment.  A BPP is a test to see how the baby’s doing muscle tone and movement wise (ours was NOT awake yet and took a lot of prodding before pushing back), breathing wise (all good), heart-wise (pumpin’ away), and amniotic fluid wise (again, all good for this late in the term – though there’s not a lot of room in there).  The office was running way behind schedule and after our wait of over 30 minutes, had us in there for another hour more.  The uncooperative, sleepy baby did not help.  But in the end, they saw some good, fast, strong movements and sent us home.

They also gave us their latest weight estimate – or guestimate.  Last Friday am it was a hair over 3,000g.  Today it was 3,700 – or 129 ounces – or a bit over 8lbs).  That’s more like it.  Crazy thing is, we thought there was a crazy growth spurt going on, as the shape of Danielle’s belly has changed substantially.   

So that was this am.  I’m now spending the rest of the day at home.  I have a ton to do that I’ll get to once our tuna melts are done (and in our bellies).  Mmm tuna melt …