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Combo spinal and epidural

3rd appears to be a charm. Of course the stuff didn’t work for the transition stage, nearly two hours of the hardest contractions. Ouch and ugh.

Danielle is resting a bit now. She’s 8-9cm dilated and things appear to be slowly progressing. We nixxed their suggestion of pitocin.

Also, it turns out that the word is “bolus”. Learn something new every day.

Hulk mad at anethestigia people

The last epidural didn’t take “but it went in so easy…” Argh! So here I sit as they do a spinal (with a name I can’t recall) back in this darn waiting room. Her contractions a now consistently every two minutes and really intense. For which she’s getting no relief. She is in a lot of pain and I am out here.

a bump in the road

It seems that the epidural is not getting it done. Danielle’s pain was spiking up to a 7 to 8 out of 10. Not good. They gave her three bollisses(sp?) – essentially triple strength extra shots, but the last had no effect. So here I wait, with the Sox on in front of me, unable to really pay attention more than a bit annoyed at anesthesiology as they give her another epidural.

We’ll see if they remember me (last time they left me waiting out he for at least ten, unfun, mind racing extra minutes).

Alas this is not a negative post though. Danielle’s tough, tough, tough and doing an amazing job. She doesn’t know just how tough she is. Hoping our little one is with us soon.

Ps: Bartolo Colon is ginormous!!

Dr Lorna is thinking 8pm ….

Dr. Lorna came in a bit early. She just finished the exam and broke the waters (with a chopstick. I could really go for some General Tsao’s chicken.) Amy, Danielle’s nurse is hanging with us now. She’s a sweetheart and has been very good to us. Oh, and Danielle is at 8cm. Fantastic job cervix!

Great job cervix!

I know you are all dying to hear about Danielle’s inside parts. So here goes. Dr. Lorna just measured Danielle at 7cm dilated. Great job cervix! Her waters (no idea why that is plural) haven’t ruptured yet, but the Doc said she would break it when she comes back in at 7 if nothing has happened before then. In any case, it sure does look like it’ll be tonight. Yaahhhhh!

“mmm, delicious”

Who would have thought ice chips could taste so good.

So they are doing a study here about epidural drug combinations. They asked if we would be interested in takng part. Seeing as how I spend all da doing research based on the results of scientific papers, we said yes. (I also took part in one when I had my little broken thumb “motorcycle incident”. ) I’ll be keeping an eye out for their paper. I guess this comes with the territory when you deliver at a teaching hospital.

The anasthesiologist thought the baby wouln’t be here until late tonight. We’ll know more after the doc does another exam (shortly after 5).

Cheerios and epidurals

Danielle’s presently getting “pain medication”, as the call the epidural. I’m in the cafe ( a loose interpretation of a cafe at best ) eating Cheerios. I love Cheerios.

They don’t allow cell stuff on the delivery floor, so this will be it for the updates I think. Hopefully the next update will be about our Outside Baby.