It’s Comcastic!

Sorry for the radio silence today. Nothing good to report, except that we had a nice, although baby-less day. I’ll start with last night. It was a night just like tonight. Ten years ago … Oops, that’s Large Marge’s story, not ours.

Last night we went out to see Baby Mama. It wasn’t amazing, but was a nice way to pass the evening. Then we went out for some Mexican (get it? Spicy food!) yeah, it didn’t work.

So this am we went for a nice long walk. Yeah, Danielle’s on bed rest; but we gotta get this party started folks! Anyway, it was awesome to be out on such a lovely morning. But still no outside baby. Don’t get me wrong, I love our inside baby. I just want to meet him or her on the outside.

So we did a bunch of house stuff (did you clean any of YOUR house’s siding today? We did some of ours!), watched the Cavs / Celts game (sorry Clevelanders!), did more house stuff and STILL no baby. Another Netflix later and the day is over. Maybe our little one will join us on 5/19. Incidentally 5/19 is Danielle’s parents anniversary and a both numbers are primes (not 2008 though, can’t win ‘em all). We have another midwife appointment at 9:15 tomorrow am. We’ll update the blog after that.

Oh, so about that radio silence. Our darn cable internet went out this morning for the umpteenth time this year. Comcast is great at upping our rates, but haven’t yet figured out how to deliver what we pay for. At least my iPhone still works. Btw: this update came from it. ;)

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